For language service provider (LSP)

Why translate5.


Made for and driven by the needs of LSPs

translate5 back-bone are smaller and mid-sized LSPs.

They gave and give the most input and fund most of the features.

Which is also good news for industry companies, as their translation department often has similar size and needs as a small LSP.


LSP-competence at the core of the community

LSPs contribute ideas.

LSPs join development forces.

Use translate5 as LSP to create your own translation solution in joint effort with others.

Just use translate5 – and engage in the community to the level perfect for you.


Flexible to integrate in LSPs system landscape

Every GUI function can be automated.

We help you with integration, if needed.

You can build your perfect system landscape, based on translate5

30 days free hosting

Outstanding features to serve your clients


In-context in-country review

  • compatible with all major translation tools
  • text changes in layout, when typing
  • inline track changes in the workflow
  • for all printable source file formats
  • integrate-able with CMS/PIM systems
  • process integration with Across

In-context translation

  • text changes in layout while typing
  • for all printable source file formats
  • integrate-able with CMS/PIM systems

Combine language resources

  • Assign as many language resources as you want to a task
  • Combine them as needed
  • Terminology also used for pre-translation

Many integrated language resources

Based on a micro-service architecture many language resources are integrated. And more can be.

Translation Memory

  • NEC-TM
  • OpenTM2
  • SDL GroupShare


  • Translate5’s TermCollections

Machine translation

  • DeepL
  • Globalese
  • Google
  • MS Translator
  • SDL LanguageCloud
  • Lucy Software
  • Moses


Flexible workflow

  • Automated workflow chain
  • Inline Track Changes – different color for each user
  • Flexibly change job assignments and status any time in the process
  • Receive deadline reminders and project manager notifications
  • Review workflow mails list changed segments with track changes

Multiple users in one workflow step

  • Work with multiple users at the same time
  • Optional first comes first serve principle (other assigned users are unassigned and informed)

Integrated terminology solution

  • Ideal to serve end-clients needs for term search and proposals


  • Serve your clients with real-time translations
  • Offer confidential translation resources instead those on the web
  • All integrated language resources can be used
  • Files can automatically be pre-translated