Why translate5.

What makes translate5 unique.

Your interests are our mission.

Nowhere in the translation industry you find a Translation Management System, that puts the interests and rights of its users at the core in the way translate5 does it in its mission statement.

Actively maintained.

The only complete cloud open source translation system for the commercial translation sector, that is actively maintained.

Future proof.

No one can buy-out open source and close it down.

An Open Source software can always be continued by others, if the main developers should ever loose interest for what ever reason.

Proprietary systems can always be closed down – open source will always be available and can be maintained.

Community driven.

translate5 is the only cloud open source translation system for the commerecial translation sector that is community driven.

The power of community.

  • Costs for features can be shared within the community, which makes it more likely and cheaper for everyone, to see a great new feature companies need for their own customers.
  • The software is driven by the idea input of many different companies – which makes it stronger.
  • Feedback comes from many different sides and is openly heard.
  • Code contributions and taking part in the development makes the software stronger – yet is always checked by the lead development of translate5, backed by MittagQI.

Independent software company.

An independent software company in the center of the community with its main business interest in translate5 cares for code quality, best practice architecture, future-orientated road-map, support and consulting.

You decide.

Longterm waiting for your requests or features is over:

The business model of translate5 is based on support and development contracts, where users can directly decide, what is done with their money.

Help is provided asap. Features can be ordered any time and are provided in the main software, if they make sense for the main road-map or as company-specific plug-ins otherwise.