Crowd of companies

Marc MittagMarc Mittag

Being flexible & master of your processes

Many companies wish, they would be able to develop their own software:

  • For optimal adjustment to their customers needs
  • For being able to serve the best quality
  • and for optimizing their productivity.

Yet for many this is not possible due to resources.

The goal of the translate5 project is enable companies to fulfill those needs.
And jointly build and maintain that system with the power of the crowd.

Building a crowd of companies

Through a crowdfunding (see below) translate5 reached the state, that it can serve as a cloud translation tool (in addition to being a review tool since 2012).

Thus the next phase started to bring translate5 as a cloud and community-based translation system into existence: Building a crowd of companies, that commit to start using translate5 as a translation tool in daily business. And together complete, what still is needed.

By joining the crowd of companies you can help to pave the way for a wide spread use of a tool, that

  • you can extend and integrate as you need it
  • allows as many users as you want
  • and allows to set and propagate open standards in the industry.

Joining the crowd of companies

So contact us if you would like to see that happen.

The model for joining is quite simple:

  • You support translate5 by funding 10 hours of work/month.
  • You get what you need for it from translate5's development team
    • Consulting
    • Training
    • Maintenance
    • Development
    • Fixes
    • or other services around translate5
  • Hours you do not need are accumulated and you decide, where to invest them into development.

Companies of the crowd optionally also support each other with tasks like providing documentation, discussing best practice processes or introducing translate5 to translators and other companies.

translate5's development is backed and lead by MittagQI, a company of software professionals absolutely dedicated to the principles of free software. Our aim is to enable you to own your own software.

Crowdfunding for an Open Source translation system

From 2015 to 2017 a crowdfunding collected altogether €61.500,-- in three phases with 17 companies participating.

The money was used to build a cloud translation tool based on already existing components:

The result is the current translate5 system with its integrations. Of course completed by many more features that have been build into translate5 since 2015 (and before since 2012).

The following companies supported the crowdfunding and/or funded additional features — thank you very much!!!