Extremely flexible for integrations

translate5 is made for easy & flexible integration it in your processes:

Extending translate5 with plug-ins is the way to go for new functionality — and allows very feature-rich extensions like visualReview or trackChanges.

Integrating existing other systems as micro-services is quite easy with translate5 and already widely done (Open Source and proprietary ones).

REST-API for every GUI feature

Every feature you can use in the GUI, you also can use through its REST-API and therefore call it by another application.

This is due to the architecture design of translate5 - and therefore future proof and guaranteed.

Editor-only integration possible

In case you manage your users, translation memories, terminology, tasks, etc. in other applications, you can only integrate the editor component of translate5 and manage everything else via API from the other application(s).

This is a scenario already done by a number of companies — and a valid one taken the fact, that the features of translate's editor are leading in many regards in the translation industry.

Stand-alone usage as terminology portal

In case you simply would like a terminology portal for your end users (optionally integrated e.g. with Across or Multiterm) you can only use the translate5 terminology portal.

Users that only have the right to use the TermPortal are directly forwarded to the TermPortal after login.

Terminology can be imported via API, from the file system or directly from Across crossAPI.

If you would like to see more functionality in translate5's TermPortal — like managing and editing the terminology directly inside translate5 — contact us.

Integrated as resources: Other Open Source Systems

The architecture was build in a way that makes it easy to integrate also other systems as resources (even proprietary ones like SDL GroupShare).

This flexibility of integration was used, to integrate other Open Source tools. Combined with and by translate5 they form a translation system, that contains the work of thousands of working hours worth millions of Euros.

So as of today translate5 integrates and builds upon the following tools and components: