All you need is love. And translate5.

Visual Translation

Visual Translation: In-Context Translation

  • Real-time text changes in the layout
    (What you see is what you get)
  • While typing source text is replaced by translation
  • For all printable file formats
  • and more…
Workflow automation

Translation Management

  • Flexible workflow
  • Workflow automation & notification
  • KPI evaluation
  • and more…
In-Country review integrated with Across

In-Country review

  • Simple in-context interface
  • Inline track changes
  • All print-able file formats & CMS/PIM
  • and more…
Terminology management with TermPortal

TermPortal: Terminology management

  • Browse terminology in simple interface for end users
  • Propose new terminology
  • Complete terminology management coming this summer
  • and more…
Real-time translations with InstantTranslate

InstantTranslate: Real-time translations

  • Translate in real-time based on all available language resources in translate5 (TM, MT and terminology)
  • Available language resources customizable by client
  • Instant translation of files
  • and more…

Extremely flexible for integerations

  • REST-API for every GUI feature
  • Stand-alone integration of editor, TermPortal & InstantTranslate
  • Extend with plug-ins
  • and more…