3rd Crowdfunding phase for Free Software translation system successful!

All 3 phases funded together €61.500

Source file conversion based on Okapi supported very soon

Match analysis & pre-translation coming early 2018

By then all important CAT features will be available!

The 3rd successfully funded phase enables translate5 to import generic XLIFF 1.2 and a large number native source file formats directly (based on integrated Okapi ).

In addition a generic match analysis and pre-translation for all integrated TM services will be added in early 2018.

So all imporant features of a Computer Aided translation tool (CAT-tool) will be available soon!

A big thank you to the supporters of the 3rd crowdfunding phase!

Our thanks go espcially to our GOLD supporters Supertext (GOLD supporter for the 2nd time!!!), Pangeanic and Soluzione - together they financed the bulk of phase 3!

Also a very big thank you gos to oneword for being BRONZE supporter of phase 3 after being SILVER supporter of phase 1 and to LocaSoft, who supported every phase of the funding!!!.

And last but not least our big thanks go to our further supporters SmartSpokes, Daniel McCosh and SwissGlobal, who helped making this possible!

And beo for funding an important bugfix in OpenTM2!

A web-based free software translation system is approaching!

For the first time in translation industry a modern, cloud-based and community based Open Source translation system is approaching :-)

Unique: The system

Try it!

Still there may be features, that need to be developed for your needs to use it. This gets easier with every company, that joins the community.

The most essential steps, that still need to be developed (and get financial or development support) are

So join the community of companies working together on Open Source and thus keeping their independence!

The major goal of the campaign is to join efforts in creating a modern community-based Open Source Translation system that meets the major needs of Language Service Providers.

More about translate5 project

translate5 mission

translate5 is Open Source software developed for the language industry through input and support of the language industry. Please read translate5 mission statement for more information.

Engage in translate5

translate5 exists and is developed through its community - as user, developer or supporter of the development. Be part of it.

Professional usage

For professional usage, you can rely on MittagQI (translate5 development lead) as support and/or software as a service provider. And maybe other companies in the future.

Have fun with translate5!