Be flexible: Combine workflow steps and multiple users by step

Assign multiple users to the same workflow step
Workflow automation
Assign language resources to a task

Translation Management

Flexible workflows

  • Steps flexible to combine
  • New / changed assignments any time
  • Multiple users by workflow step
    • Either: Multiple users edit simultaneously
    • Or: “First comes first serves” principle

Workflow automation

  • Notifications
  • Deadline management
  • Track changes

Language resource management

  • Translation Memories
    (NEC-TM, OpenTM2)
  • Machine Translation Engines
    (DeepL, Globalese, MS Translator, Google, SDL LanguageCloud, Lucy, Moses, more possible)
  • Terminology
  • Terminolgy matches and machine translation matches in one analysis together with translation memory matches

KPI evaluation

  • Flexibly filter the project and task list
  • Combine 31 different filter criteria
  • Get the KPIs for the filtered task subset

Single sign on

  • Authentication with your companies Windows log-in
  • OpenID Connect protocol
  • Different application URLs and authentication servers possible for each client inside translate5

In-Context translation


Translation management


In-Country review


Terminology management


Real-time translations


Flexible for integrations