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Why translate5.


Outstanding features


Your interests are our objective

translate5’s team supports your needs and implements your requirements.

If you need a feature – we’ll build it.

If you need integration consulting or development – we can do it.

Under our support & development contracts we provide new releases and maintenance – apart from that, you decide where your money goes.

With other update and support policies, people often find that they do not get what they actually need. Our support and development contracts give you a transparent view of what your money is used for – so you can decide.



Backed by an open source company

translate5 is open source and is maintained and supported by MittagQI.

MittagQI has made translate5 its core business

  • ensures the continuity of the development
  • is concerned with good architecture and code quality
  • does the lead development: Only the code checked by MittagQI makes it into translate5. The vast majority of the code is developed by MittagQI

We will always be there for you. See what our users and clients have to say.


Open source is always there for you

  • No-one can ever take an open source system away from you.
  • The license allows you to do whatever you want and whatever you need.
  • The code of a proprietary system can be checked only by its developers. With an open source system, everyone can do it. This makes it more secure and more reliable.

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