Open Source Translation System

Cloud translation, review, post-editing and terminology platform

Outstanding features

VisualTranslation: In-Context Translation

  • Real-time text changes in the layout (What you see is what you get)
  • Source text gets replaced by translation
  • For all printable file formats & integrations into CMS & PIM systems

Extremely flexible for integrations


REST-API for every GUI feature


Stand-alone usage of editor


Stand-alone usage as terminology portal


Extend with plug-ins


Integrate external services

We love translate5 because it allows us to create efficient and customized workflows that would not be possible with other tools. MittagQI is very responsive with any kind of request.

Rémy Blättler

CTO Supertext AG

With translate5 we can flexibly customize and extend our processes, based on its open source nature and flexible architecture. Great! Exactly, what we need.

Michael Schneider

CEO beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen & Technologie mbH

We have supported, used and accompanied translate5 from the very beginning in 2011 because we are convinced of the innovative power of the tool, of the expertise of the translate5 team in terms of developer know-how, but especially in terms of industry knowledge for translation.

Peter Kreitmeier


The visual translation and review functionality of translate5 is absolute outstanding!

Per Harbo Sørensen

CFO & CTO World Translation A/S

At Transline, we’re currently planning to use the tool for software texts with pixel-based length restrictions.

This is a totally innovative approach and will make the translation process in this challenging field of expertise a lot easier.

Saša Tripković

CPO Transline Deutschland GmbH

Translate5 is more than just a powerful innovation partner with whom we have developed customised solutions since 2009. For more than ten years, we have held Marc Mittag’s team in high esteem thanks to its absolute reliability, speed of implementation and excellent communication – for streamlined processes and high-quality translations.

Andrea Modersohn

CEO oneword GmbH

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