The global language service provider Locaria joins the ranks of 10 renowned companies in the industry to put its trust in translate5 – and lead developer MittagQI.

Translate5 is an open-source translation management system and editor for professional use in the language industry. Known especially for its “what you see is what you get” – support for all file types, translate5 is used by many language service providers (LSPs) for proofreading and post-editing.

In January 2021, ten language service providers have combined their expertise and experience by forming the translate5 consortium. Looking forward to productive collaboration, Locaria was unanimously voted in as a new member of the translate5 consortium.

“In Locaria, all members of the translate5 consortium have gained a reliable, forward-thinking partner with a keen sense for the various demands the future might place on the industry. Organic growth is paramount for everyone involved and we are all looking forward to shaping the future of translate5 together.”

– the partners of the translate5 consortium

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Who is Locaria?

Locaria is a multilingual content services provider with a strong background in digital marketing. As experts in everything omni-channel marketing, they help their growing list of global clients engage audiences in any language, using their repertoire of linguistic expertise, industry-leading technology, and exceptional quality control.

Aware of the customers’ growing preference to deal with brands that resonate with them on a deeper level, Locaria is focusing on the wider customer experience that brands are taking to their markets. Following their goal to end subjectivity in marketing, they aim to bring equality to language by striving for the highest possible level of comfort in client-customer communication.

To achieve this, Locaria is pushing the limits of transcreation and origination for their brands and clients to facilitate customer communication in the most localized and intuitive form of language possible. With evolving brand authenticity and the increasing presence of social ethics in the market, they aim to quickly help their clients embody these shifts in value and perspective.

Since information and technology are paramount in this undertaking, Locaria conducts thorough research into the key drivers of each client’s respective market and makes sure to stay on top of relevant technological developments.

“Brands need to be culturally and linguistically relevant, which is what we play homage to in every environment that we work in”

– Gunilla Huddleston, marketing director at Locaria

Locaria’s vision

Locaria’s efforts are directed at the future of digital marketing and brand-customer contact. Aiming to widen the customer experience for their clients and brands, they have arrived at the frontier of translation technology.

Expecting a surge in video and virtual reality marketing, Locaria has been searching for a team of developers who share their drive for new ways to apply language technology to new age media and found a match in the team surrounding translate5.

On top of using staple translate5 features such as translate5Visual for end-client review features, Locaria wants to work with the consortium to find innovative ways to “plug gaps” in the market, especially with respect to the translation of text in creative assets and videos.

Locaria is running a borderless business, working with global brands and audiences, and is currently in an exciting period of growth. Collaborating with the translate5 consortium to better fulfil the needs of their clients and the industry as a whole is a key step in fulfilling their company vision.

“We are keen to work with the translate5 consortium to really ensure that we take the best proposition to market and are able to execute on demands in this very crucial time to come.”

– Gunilla Huddleston, marketing director at Locaria

What’s the value in joining?

Always on the search for the new frontier in translation technology, Locaria has joined the translate5 consortium because they see potential in actively shaping the technology they use to bring innovative, individual solutions to clients and their customers.

The “what you see is what you get” functionality of translate5Visual immediately added value to their customers in end-client review and has proven to be a desired tool.

At the moment, Locaria relies on market-leading CAT-Tools, with limited possibilities to influence their future developments. In order to benefit from additional clout and flexibility, Locaria is looking forward to shaping the near future of translate5 with the consortium and supporting its transformation into a comprehensive solution for their translation and review needs.

Since all consortium members share a common ground in the approach of growth, development and collaboration, communication in the consortium is transparent and pragmatic. This open communication between peers without a restrictive pecking order leads to fruitful conversations and provides insight into the market that is difficult to be gained in any other way.

“Communication has been refreshingly transparent and pragmatic, as all consortium members share lots of common ground in the approach of growth, development, and collaboration.”

– Nicola Pegoraro, Content Delivery Director

The future of the translate5 consortium

Organic, meaningful, and directed growth is a central dogma of the translate5 consortium, since the collective input gathered from market-shaping LSPs and industry clients is the foundation for the development of revolutionary, custom-tailored features and plug-ins.

Frugal and strategic addition of valuable partners ensures healthy growth and the collaborative effort of all consortium members will keep pushing translate5 towards becoming the comprehensive CAT tool that the industry needs – and deserves.

Join us in our effort of reducing the dependency on rigid, proprietary software by being a part of the dynamic development of a powerful open-source alternative.