Ten language services providers combine their expertise and experience to add attractive features to the translation tool

Translate5 is an open-source translation management system and editor for professional use in the language industry. Especially well-known for its “what you see is what you get” support for all file types, translate5 is used by many language service providers (LSPs) for proofreading and post-editing.

Now, ten LSPs have come together to form the translate5 Consortium.

Their shared aim is to develop a complete alternative translation solution for LSPs and companies, one focused on stability, modern architecture and high performance for large translation volumes.

New features are at the heart of the project, including a switch to a highly scalable cloud infrastructure based on Kubernetes and Docker (a first for on-premises software in the industry), the adaptability of file filters via the interface, more analysis options for machine translation and post-editing, and a variety of improvements to areas such as usability, the translation editor and project management.

What is motivating 10 LSPs to make a shared investment in open-source technology?

In short:

  • Translate5’s flexibility in terms of software integration and expandability is unparalleled.
  • The software’s open-source framework allows the quick, flexible and relatively affordable implementation of customers’ special requests for certain processes – supported by MittagQI’s developer team and the combined translation, process and technology expertise of these notable LSPs.
  • Translate5’s community-oriented open-source model makes it a secure, future-oriented and affordable alternative for independent LSPs who would like to implement their own processes.

Furthermore, forming the Consortium presents an opportunity to collectively determine the course translate5 will take and to benefit from the shared exchange of ideas in the community.

What are the translate5 Consortium’s medium- and long-term goals?

“United we stand” – this saying is especially relevant for companies that are independent and want to stay that way in an industry with an increasing number of large multinational corporations.

The translate5 Consortium is a group of companies that want to actively shape, support and use translate5 as a basic and next-generation technology.

In many industries, basic technology can be built less expensively on an open-source model and can yield innovations more quickly than proprietary systems.

Translate5 makes this basic technology available for the language industry and offers innovative, market-leading features such as “what you see is what you get” translation and review for all file types (except software localization).

Know-how meets technology

Translation services providers like having influence over their processes – to provide optimal service for their customers and place themselves ahead of the competition.

Translation processes are often more complex and expertise-intensive than industry outsiders imagine. The use of technology in the sector is increasing exponentially, which makes reliable and flexible basic technology that both gives its users a say and is inexpensive for them even more important.

Translate5 is the translation system built by the industry, for the industry. It relies on widespread open-source tools such as the Okapi Framework and LanguageTool. The goal of the Consortium is to support system improvements and the implementation of technical industry standards, and to set new standards through the promotion of translate5 as an open-source system.

Who is part of the translate5 Consortium?

The Consortium consists of:

• Transline Gruppe GmbH (Germany, France, Italy)
• t’works GmbH (Germany, Austria)
• Supertext AG (Switzerland, USA, Germany)
• World Translation A/S (Denmark)
• beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH (Germany)
• oneword GmbH (Germany)
• Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH (Germany)
• TRANSMISSION Übersetzungen GmbH (Germany)
• SwissGlobal Language Services AG (Switzerland)
Transline. Transline. Verstehen.
t’works GmbH
Supertext AG
Worldtranslation ist Ihr professioneller Sprachdienstleister
beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH
oneword GmbH
Schmieder Übersetzungen & Sprachmanagement
TRANSMISSION Übersetzungen GmbH
SwissGlobal Language Services AG

MittagQI leads the development of translate5, coordinates its community and ensures top-quality code.

The Consortium welcomes new members. The existing Consortium will decide on their admission.

For more information about translate5: